Matthew Dickerson Leather Dulcimer Duster

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After 3 years of experimenting with different designs for this product, Matthew Dickerson finally came up with a tool that easily grabs the pesky dust off a dulcimer soundboard. This genuine leather suede duster not only does the trick but is also incredibly durable. It is long enough to span the depth of most dulcimer soundboards and flat enough to clean the entire width from side to side. It features a flexible, lightweight spring steel bar in it’s core and a paracord wrapped handle.

No more aggressive brushing through the strings (which only pulls out material from hair and feather dusters) just to push the dust around. The soft leather suede grabs dust that cannot be otherwise blown off. You can now clean your instrument in a matter of seconds with this handy tool. (Color may vary from gray, black, blue, or tan.)

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