Master Works Ultra Light Hammered Dulcimer

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The Ultra Light is the dulcimer that made Master Works famous! You will probably never go to a workshop or jam where there are no Master Works Ultra Light dulcimers.

  • Approximately 14 lbs.
  • Your choice of exotic endrails.
  • Mahogany, Spruce, or Cedar soundboard with laminated birch back
  • 16 treble & 15 bass courses
  • Harrison Rose Inlays
  • Over 3 octave range; 1 3/4 octave chromatic (16-15)
  • Chromatic option adds 7 missing notes making it fully chromatic over 3 octaves
  • Extra slots along the edge of the soundboard to make it more vibrant
  • Extensively tapered soundboard & bracing unique to a Master Works instrument!
  • SOUNDBOARD - Spruce (+$50), Mahogany (Most Popular!), Cedar (+$50) Exotic Endrails Bocote, Bubinga, Granadillo, Koa, Lacewood, Birdseye Maple, Figured Maple, Quilted Maple, Curly Oak, Paduk, Purpleheart, Redheart, Figured Walnut, Zebrawood, Zircote, Maple Bridge Wood Maple (Brighter, lower sustain), Cherry (Brighter, lowest sustain), Rosewood (Most Popular! Fuller & Mellower) Stain Red (+$100), Brown (+$100), Black (+$100), Natural (No stain) Chromatic Option Yes (+$200), No Dampers Walnut (+$699), Curly Maple (+$749), Rosewood (+$849), No Dampers
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