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Master Works DulciForte

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Product Details
NOTE: I do NOT recommend ordering this instrument online. If you are interested in a DuilciForte, call me at 228-596-6633 or email me at: We will discuss the many available options and pricing to be sure it is the right instrument for you.

The DulciForte is Master Works flagship instrument.
Each DulciForte includes these features:
  • 20/20 XR configuration with a 5-octave chromatic range
  • Highly engineered Mahogany & Redwood soundboard to add a touch of attitude
  • Precisely designed pinblocks to reduce weight
  • Sustain of the lower range controlled by Dual-Response Bridges (Morado combined with Cherry)
  • Wound strings on lower courses
  • Beautiful, dark stained top, or natural finish
  • Curly Maple inlaid bridge markers
  • Exotic wood endrails (a favorite adornment of Russell’s!)
  • XR bass bridge available on either left or right side
  • Contrasting wood bindings on both endrails
  • Contrasting wood corner end cap trim
  • Internal sealant to improve stability in new environments and humidity changes
  • Playing precision and accuracy improved with slightly increased string spacing
  • Enhanced tuning stability and decreased weight achieved by adding carbon fiber to internal bracing
  • Elliptical sound holes, round upon request
Stock Instrument Designs

We do our best to keep these designs in stock & ready to ship. They include all standard features of the DulciForte.

  • XR-Right configuration (XR-Left configuration requires a custom order)
  • Brown stained soundboard
  • Zebrawood endrails
  • Peruvian walnut endrail bindings and end cap trim
  • Harrison Rose soundhole or custom inlay available upon request
  • XR-Right configuration (XR-Left configuration requires a custom order)
  • Red-brown stained soundboard
  • Bubinga endrails
  • Curly maple endrail bindings & end cap trim
  • Harrison Rose soundhole or custom inlay available upon request
For custom orders, these upgrades are available:
  • Super exotic wood endrails
  • Schatten pickups & installation
  • Curly Maple pinblocks
  • Pinblock trim
  • Pinblock veneer
  • Stained back
  • Abalone endrail inlay
  • Abalone bridge marker inlay
  • Abalone soundhole inlay
  • Abalone damper inlay
  • Damper trim
  • Custom soundhole

Call me at 228-596-6633 - Jess Dickinson

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