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Mark Alan Wade

To say that Mark Alan Wade is an eclectic performer understates the acoustic explosion of music his concerts ignite. His visit to a dulcimer player's home in Kentucky lit the spark that started it all. Over a decade later, Mark is a headlining performer in concerts and music festivals around the country.

Mark's audiences are drawn into a broad spectrum of emotions that his music evokes. Mark captures the joy of American traditional music from fiddle tunes to Texas Swing to Jazz. Just after he has fired off a fiddle tune with a frenzied display of technical marvel, his mastery of the subtleties and finesse of Celtic Airs and Chopin Nocturnes will put a tear in your eye. It's not surprising that his 1998 National Contest-winning repertoire included a Celtic ballad, a contemporary piece by Rich Mullins, a Baroque harpsichord solo and, of course, Danny Boy.

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