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Dusty Strings Dulci-Tune

Product Details

NOTICE: Due to problems beyond our or Dusty Strings' control, Dulci-Tunes currently are unavailable for manufacture or shipment. Pre-orders will get the first shipments. You may cancel pre-orders any time before shipment.

This is the tuner I personally use. It is so good, and so far ahead of other tuners for hammered dulcimer, I quit selling other brands---and it is now the only tuner I sell. YOU DO NOT NEED A CORD WITH THIS TUNER! Just slip it on a tuning pin and it works great!!

The Dulci-Tune is designed and engineered by Dusty Strings exclusively for hammered dulcimers. You may think it is a little pricey, but it is worth it! A good tuner is a MUST, and you will use it for many, many years. If you possibly can afford it, GET THIS TUNER! (see tuning tip below).

Made with a high-quality SNARK tuner and Dusty Strings engineering, the compact, simple and elegant Dulci-Tune sits on any tuning pin and is ready when you need it and out of the way when you don’t. The flexible shaft and 360-degree rotating display allow for easy viewing, and it will accurately pick up the entire range of the instrument from one position. The colored LCD display is easy to read in the dark and features a visual metronome as well, making this an ideal tool for performers needing to quickly check their tuning or tempo in between pieces.

If you’re used to carefully balancing a tuner on your dulcimer so it doesn’t buzz or slide onto the floor, tuning with the Dulci-Tune will seem like a dream! If you have discovered the joys of compact, clip-on tuners, you’ll appreciate the Dulci-Tune’s durable reinforced connections and precision-machined metal parts, and the convenience of leaving it attached while you play.

The Dulci-Tune is made and designed for hammered dulcimers, but it works on any instrument with zither pins, including psalteries, harpsichords, autoharps, kanteles and zithers.


  • Fits any instrument with zither pins
  • Sits securely on a tuning pin and picks up the entire range from one position
  • Made with reinforced connections and durable, precision-machined metal parts
  • Senses pitch through solid contact - doesn’t require wires or clips and works well in noisy environments
  • Flexible shaft and 360 degree swivel joint make it easy to set a convenient viewing angle
  • Colored LCD display is readable in the dark
  • Snark tuner has a nifty built-in visual metronome feature as well as pitch calibration and auto shut-off after two minutes
  • Handy pick and spare battery included (3-volt #CR 2032)
  • Comes in a re-useable clear plastic storage case

Pluck softly. When tuning a string, resist the temptation to pluck louder and louder. When you pluck strings louder, other strings vibrate more, confusing your tuner. Try plucking the string very softly.

Deaden the other string. While tuning one string in a course, deaden the other string. To tune the top string, deaden the bottom string with your thumb, and pluck the top string with the fingernail of your pointing finger or middle finger. To tune the bottom string, deaden the top string with your middle finger and pluck the bottom string with your pointing finger. This will cause only the string you are using to vibrate. I think you will find this makes tuning much quicker and easier!

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