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There is a real need for an affordable yet durable and good sounding hammered dulcimer. Many, many folks would like to try the hammered dulcimer, but don't want to commit a lot of money on something they don't know will work for them. Or they want a really nice gift for a musical relative or friend. Our new 13/12 Chickadee fills that need very well.

Chris Foss, founder of Songbird Dulcimers, says it is much easier to get a clear, beautiful ringing tone out of a small dulcimer than a large one, and the Chickadee really has it. The Chickadee is made out of the same reliable laminated Birch as our larger Phoebe models, so it is stiff and stable. It is also large enough in all dimensions to properly stretch the strings for good tone, and have enough volume in the box for resonance. The rails are Cherry, the pin blocks are Hard maple, and the bridges are Walnut. The Chickadee is 38 inches long, 15 3/4 inches wide, and will weigh about 12 pounds.

Both the dulcimer and stand fit in a Songbird large case with a 1" pad to keep them apart, and it works perfectly! So a large case is what is included in the package deal. It makes it really easy to carry around town.

The Chickadee is 38" long, 15 3/4" wide, and will weigh about 12 pounds.

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