17/16/8 Warbler Hammered Dulcimer Premium Accessory Package

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The premium accessory package includes the Warbler, case, stand, electronic tuner, hammers, tuning wrench, book, PLUS:

  • Extra pair of professional Jill Weimer hammers
  • Free shipping
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The Warbler is Songbird's top of the line fully chromatic extended range dulcimer. It has a great rich sound and is fully chromatic within the standard three octave range. The top 3 notes on the left bridge fill out the chromatic range. The other five are options, and provide extended range down with rich low bass harmony notes. Some tune the extended range to D, E, G, A, C with the D being an octave below the D at the bottom of the bass bridge. I prefer D, E, F#, G, A, to provide left-side bass notes for every chord in the key of D.
The Warbler has solid Cherry top and back, Hard Maple pin blocks and rails, and Walnut bridges and trim. It is 42 inches long, 19 inches wide, 3 3/4 inches thick including the bridges, and will weigh some where close to 17 pounds. A beautiful, wonderful sounding, versatile dulcimer that will be a joy to own.

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